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Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting of the members shall be held each Fund year, at a date and place determined by the Board, for the purpose of providing or receiving feedback on any Fund related matter which the Board deems appropriate.


Notice of AGM – 21 November 2023

PO Report – November 2023

Schedule F and Schedule G of the 2022 AFS


AGM Minutes – 29 November 2022

Notice of AGM – 29 November 2022

PO Report – November 2022

Schedule F and Schedule G of the 2021 AFS


Notice of AGM – 24 February 2022

AGM Minutes – 24 February 2022

PO Report

Schedule F of the 2020 AFS

Schedule G of the 2020 AFS


AGM Minutes 2020

Notice of AGM

Schedule F

Schedule G

Principal Officer’s Report AGM 2020


The 2019 AGM did not take place due to the delay in the member Trustee election process and as such, the AGM was postponed till 27 February 2021