Disability Benefits

The University operates a Disability Income Plan, which is separate from the Fund that pays a benefit if you are unable to perform your normal duties as a result of becoming disabled. The Disability Income Plan is fully insured, and the appointed insurer will determine whether any claimant qualifies for a disability benefit in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.


The Plan provides for a monthly income benefit of 70% of your RFI payable after expiry of a 3-month waiting period, and upon acceptance of the claim by the appointed insurance company.  The monthly income benefit escalates each year at the lesser of 10% and the official inflation rate.


The disability income benefit will continue to be paid provided you are unable to perform your normal occupation in the first two years of payment, and any occupation after two years.


Membership of the Fund continues whilst you are in receipt of a disability payment.  Your Share of the Fund continues to accumulate, and you remain covered for death benefits.  If you are still disabled when you turn 65, the disability income ceases and you receive the retirement benefit.


You can access copies of the policy, application and frequently asked questions regarding the cover here: